FAQs & Resources

General Info

Are there age requirements?

Lake Stevens Wrestling Club welcomes boys and girls 5 and up. Freestyle/greco season is limited to wrestlers with at least one year experience.

When is the start of the next season?

Our 2022 freestyle/greco season is currently open for registration. See the schedule for up to date info.

Do I have to purchase a USA Wrestling card?

Yes! There are multiple options of membership. If you're not sure what option is best for you, pick the least expensive ($15) as you can always upgrade your yearly membership at any time. This membership is required for both practice and events.
USA Wrestling cards must be purchased online.

Practices & Pricing

What's the price?

For freestyle/greco 2022, the price for the full season of training is $150.

What should I bring to the first day of practice?

  • Current USA Wrestling Card
  • Wrestling shoes (required)
  • Headgear (optional)
  • Mouthguard (required for braces otherwise optional)
  • Singlets (personally owned, or Lake Stevens Wrestling Club)
  • Kneepads (optional)
  • Clean practice clothing required EVERYDAY! No need for large sweatshirts or baggy sweatpants
  • Please wear athletic apparel with no pockets, zippers, and buttons. Examples: snug t-shirt and shorts, singlet with t-shirt underneath, snug t-shirt and tights No jewelry i.e.: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fit-bits, etc.
  • It is recommended athletes bring a water bottle with them. Please make sure a name is on the bottle. There is a drinking fountain outside the wrestling room as well