2022 Folkstyle

New times listed below start on Nov 28th

Advanced Group (grades 6-8 or by invite) Mon/Wed/Thur 6:30-8:00pm. Cost $250/season.

Intermediate Group (grades 3-5) Wed and Thur 5:30-6:30pm.

Beginner Group (grades K-2) Mon and Tue 5-6:00pm Cost $150/season.

When: First practice Nov 7th at Cavalero for all groups

Registration closed for folkstyle, check back soon for 2023 Freestyle information.

Scholarships available

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, please email us to receive a scholarship code to reduce your registration fees.

Legendary coaching. Positive impact.

Looking back on my youth, I am extremely grateful for the mental toughness, determination, grit, and resilience my teammates and I developed through wrestling. Was it hard physically and mentally? Yes, of course, and thankfully. However, this was one of the most influential parts of my life that helped me be successful as a baseball player, parent, husband, member of my community, and now coach.

As we look around at other student athletes in our program, many of these young men were multi sport athletes in hight school. Building a competitive nature, learning more about the body, training different movements, and picking yourself up when you fail, are all big keys to having a successful collegiate baseball career. These are all things I learned, and we all can learn, from wrestling.

The legendary coaches from Lake Stevens High School, Lake Stevens Middle School, and the Lake Stevens Wrestling Club are transformational to so many, and family to me. I strongly encourage all that are able to get involved in the sport of wrestling. Especially in the area that raised me of Lake Stevens.

Mitchell Canham Head Baseball Coach - OSU

Isaac Gust, a 2019 Lake Stevens wrestling graduate.

Lake Stevens wrestling has turned me into the Division 1 football player I am today.

Wrestling has given me an immeasurable amount of mental strength and mobility.

During the recruiting process the first question all D-1 college coaches asked me was what other sports do I participate in. When I told them I was a wrestler their eyes lit up like they just saw fireworks. College football coaches want their future players to wrestle. Wrestling brings with it a toughness and grit that can't be mimicked anywhere else. Want to play college football? Do what I did and wrestle at Lake Stevens!

Devin Kylany Offensive Lineman - WSU