Register today for the 2019 spring season

Elite, competitive training sessions
Feb 25 to May 5, $200 per wrestler

Middle School
April 9 to May 2, $35 per wrestler

Youth, ages 5 to 12
Mar 12 to May 2, $150 per wrestler

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USA Wrestling Card

Athletes must purchase a USA wrestling card for practice and events.

There are multiple options of membership. If you're not sure what option is best for you, pick the least expensive. You can upgrade your membership at any time. This membership is required for both practice and events.

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What To Bring

Water bottle, wrestling shoes, clean t-shirt, athletic shorts, or singlet for practice. No jewelry of any kind, mouth-guard for those with braces, headgear is optional.

Most importantly don't forget a great attitude and willingness to learn!


Cavelero Mid-High (first few weeks)
Lake Stevens High (remaining weeks)

Middle School
Cavelero Mid-High

Cavelero Mid-High